Arizona ranks third worst in the nation when it comes to comprehensive sex education curriculum, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2016 School Health Profile.

The state does not have a law that requires schools to teach sex education or sexually transmitted disease education, but it does mandate that any sex ed curriculum adopted must be age-appropriate and abstinence-based, which is a departure from abstinence-only.

Arizona’s law also states that the instruction cannot promote a “homosexual lifestyle” or portray “homosexuality as a positive alternative lifestyle.”

The CDC has 19 sex education topics they believe are critical to adolescent health. These topics include communication and negotiation skills, how to maintain a healthy relationship, how to obtain and correctly use a condom and HIV/Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) prevention.

Only 14.5 percent of secondary schools in Arizona taught the CDC’s 19 topics in grades nine through 12. The state with the highest percentage of schools teaching the topics is New Jersey with 84.4 percent.

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(Created by Maritza Cruz)